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Inspect the Sewer and the Gas Line BEFORE You Purchase

If the home you are wanting to buy is 40 yrs. old or older you need to have a sewer line inspection performed. If this house uses gas you also need to have a Gas Leak Test. See the Gas Leak Testing page here.

Right now the condition of the sewer under the house is a mystery. You could have a busted fitting, a cracked pipe, a root infiltration, a separated line or a collapsed pipe. A leaking sewer is one of the major contributors to foundation trouble, as per The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) statutes.

(ASCE) Particularly sections 1.2 and 7.6

Make sure you don’t buy someone else’s plumbing problems.

Once you purchase a homeowners insurance policy, the sewer and gas lines under your house through the property line are not covered. Click here for the specific conditions and exclusions of insurance policies.

Inspecting the sewer is a simple, low cost process that determines the integrity of the sewer line under the house and can save you money. If a leak is detected, the seller will usually reduce the closing costs of the home based on the inspection and repair costs. The seller is also legally obligated to disclose the issue to any prospective homebuyer. If a home seller refuses the sewer and/or gas leak test inspection, it’s a good indicator he/she is aware of existing trouble, and you need to walk away.

Hire a Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Your home inspector cannot perform an inspection on the sewer or a leak test on the gas. A sewer inspection can only be performed by a plumbing contractor licensed by the state of Texas represented by a Master Plumbers’ number like M-39863.

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Home Sellers

On average their are 30,000 homes listed for sale in the Dallas area. You want to do everything you can to create value to your home, so a potential buyer will want to buy yours.

Updating the plumbing fixtures in your home gives a more contemporary and modern look to the perspective home buyer. Be sure to check out our home buyers tab and look into Accredited Staging Professionals. We may be able to save you thousands of dollars.

A sewer inspection on the house for sale creates value to your home. Having an inspection performed on the sewer and gas assures the buyer they are both in good condition and it speeds up the selling process; it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved. Most home buyers have educated themselves and realize they are critical inspections that should not be overlooked, especially if the home for sale is 45 yrs. or older.

DISCLOSURE- disclosure of property is a process acquired to sell a home. Disclosure demands the householders to enlist the entire problem prevailing with their home. It requires the owner to enlist the pros and cons of their home completely without concealing anything. There are few negative points that can even affect the price of a property. Law demands those negative points disclosed while putting the property on disclosure. Being an honest owner/seller saves you from future trouble and loosing money in cases of fraud.

Features to be disclosed

Numerous things, which can weigh on the cost of the property should be listed before putting a house in disclosure. Mold, roof leaks, plumbing issues (paticularly sub-slab), flooding, foundation issues and faulty wiring should be remembered while making the list of problems to be listed for disclosure.

Thorough inspection for disclosure statements

A thorough inspection of the property including the sewer is a sound method of identifying any blemishes that need to be disclosed creating negotiating power in the closing process and protecting the home seller from litigation.

Disclosure forms

Make sure you are aware of the disclosure laws and forms in Texas. Protect yourself and the homebuyer by being as thorough as possible when it comes to disclosure.

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