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Having a Plumbing Inspection on all of your Gas, Water & Sewer Line Systems can be the best preventive maintenance and pre-buying decision that you have ever made.  These inspections will create peace of mind and protect your bottom line. Right now the condition of these systems are a mystery. A home inspector is not legally able to perform these inspections. A defected gas, water or sewer system can cost you thousands…

“Don’t be surprised by unexpected, expensive plumbing  problems.”

We have created 5 levels of inspection for home buyers, property owners, investors & realtors to take advantage of.
Level I: Master’s Eye Inspection

Level II: Sewer Camera Inspection w/ Double clean-out Installed

Level III:  Pull up to (2) Toilets to inspect flange and bowl seal
(Includes Masters’ Eye Inspection and Level II services)

Level IV: Run Sewer Camera down 2” vent from roof vent to main
Min. size pipe able to be inspected from roof is 2”

Level V: Pressure Test Gas Line from meter to all gas fixtures
(Includes Mater Eye Inspection through Level IV)