If your clients are buying a house that’s 40 yrs. old or older they need a sewer line inspection before they close. If the home uses gas, the gas lines need to be tested for leaks. See our Gas Leak Testing page here.

The condition of the sewer line under the house through the property line is a mystery at this point. Your client could be purchasing a home with old, deteriorated pipes, a root infiltration causing stoppages, cracked or broken fittings, or even a semi-collapsed line. If the integrity of the pipe is broken, we have a leaky sewer pipe. A leaking sewer is one of the leading contributors to foundation trouble, as per The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) foundation repair statutes. Particularly sections 1.2 and 7.6


Once your client purchases a home their home owners’ insurance policy does not provide coverage for the repair or replacement of the sewer line or the gas line under the house through the property line.


  • The sewer line isn’t insurable
  • Future costly foundation repairs
  • You could save your clients thousands of dollars
  • Peace of mind for you and the home buyers
  • Protecting your clients and your referral business
  • A sewer and gas inspection are the right thing to do