Gas Leak Testing

Making Your Home Safe for You and Your Family

PART_1374197433045-1Many homes that were built before the early 70’s used copper pipe to provide gas service to the house. The problem with using copper for gas lines is the chemical reaction with the sulfur compounds carried in the natural gas and the copper to form cuprous sulfide that will scale, pit and deteriorate the copper.

Do you own or buying a home that uses gas?  Has their been any foundation work performed?  When was the last time the property was inspected for a gas leak? A gas leak can cause a fire, an explosion and potentially kill you.  Their isn’t an easy way to detect a gas leak and 100% accuracy is essential to ensure you and your families safety.

For more information you can review the Guidelines for the Evaluation and Repair of Residential Foundations, by the Texas section American Society of Civil Engineers

Particularly Section 1.2 and 7.6


Gas Service Repair


Gas DiagramCorroded Copper Pipes Need to be Replaced

A gas service is the gas line from the gas meter to the gas valve at your house.

Was your home or the home you are wanting to buy built before the mid 70s’? Chances are the gas line was installed with copper placed directly in the ground without any sleeving. The now corroded copper needs to be replaced with corrosion-resistant Polyethylene, which is what is used today for gas service lines serving residential households.

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