Water Leak Detection


Find the water meter, usually in front of the house in a box near the street

  • You might need a meter key to open it, you can pick one up at your nearest hardware store
  • Make sure everything that uses water is turned off in your house(remember the ice-maker)
  • Open the box and write the number down
  • Wait 20 min. and check the number again
  • If the numbers are the same, you do not have a water leak
  • If the numbers have changed, you have a water leak somewhere. The numbers changing could indicate a leaky toilet
  • If you are sure you can’t see anything leaking and the numbers are changing; you have a water leak.

You also want to make sure the irrigation system valves are off.Our trained technicians utilize state of the art leak locating equipment to pin-point the location of a leak. With our experience and technology, we keep the competitive edge sharp in the industry and often get referrals from other plumbing companies to locate leaks.


Water Pressure Testing

There are two types of pressure tests we perform on water lines. The first is a pressure test determining the pressure from the city. We attach a gauge to your hose bib (hose connection outside your home) and read the pressure on the gauge. This test determines the amount of water pressure you are receiving from the city. This test is important because their may be an obstruction somewhere in the water line reducing the pressure and flow of water you are receiving.

The 2nd type of test is where we introduce air pressure into the water line and see if it holds pressure.

Before and after a foundation company does any repairs it’s a good idea to have a the gas, water & sewer lines inspected.

Let the foundation company be the foundation company and the plumbing company be the plumbing company. Some foundation companies claim to do their own plumbing. Remember they must be represented by an RMP (Responsible Master Plumber) and an M number-like M-39863. You can check this number by going to the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners web-site and checking the status of the M#.


Water Service Repair & Replacement

A water service is the water line from your water meter to your house.

Sometimes a homeowner experiences water line breaks during freezing temperatures. Copper pipe used for water service exposed to the minerals in the ground corrode over a period of time and need to be replaced with copper that is sleeved with corrosion-resistant material.

Galvanized steel pipe was used for water service lines until the plumbing industry realized scaling was forming inside the pipe causing build up and blockage. These galvanized pipes need to be replaced.

Water Filter/ Reverse Osmosis Systems and Maintenance.


The tap water in your home has to travel through thousands of miles of pipe to get to your home. Although the water left the water treatment plant treated, by the time it gets to you it has been contaminated by micro-organisms, nitrates, and natural elements such as lead. So, please do not assume your tap water is safe.

We test your water to find out the potential contaminates. During your plumbing consultation we will discuss the different options available to you.

Protecting your families’ drinking water is a community effort and it starts in your home.

Bottled water is thought to be clean, however bottled water does not under go the same testing and reporting as water from a treatment facility. Water that is bottled and sold in the same state may not be subject to any federal law and standards at all.

We can help to protect our enviroment by not using bottled water at all.

By implementing a home water treatment unit you can provide safe drinking water for your family and protect our planet. We have listed a few links to help educate you about safe drinking water.



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