• Find the water meter, usually in front of the house in a box near the street as shown on the leaking outside faucet video on this website
  • You might need a meter key to open it, you can pick one up at your nearest hardware store
  • Buy some dye tablets at the hardware store & put them in each toilet tank. If you see the dye present in the bowl, the flapper is leaking and needs to be replaced, you can see the how to video on this web-site
  • Make sure everything that uses water is turned off in your house(remember the ice-maker)
  • Identify the irrigation shut off ( if present) and shut off
  • Check all outside faucets to be sure their turned off and aren’t leaking
  • Check to make sure the T&P isn’t leaking by on the water heater.Look up Temperature and pressure relief valve pics.
  • Remove the water meter box and write the number down and look to see if the little triangle or the low flow indicator is spinning. If it’s spinning you have a leak.
  • Wait 20 min. and check the number again
  • If the numbers are the same, you do not have a water leak on the water service side
  • Now if you had an irrigation system & you shut the valve, open the valve and perform the same water meter number check and low flow indicator check
  • If the numbers have changed, you have a water leak somewhere in the irrigation system.
  • If you are sure you can’t see anything leaking and the numbers are changing; you have a water leak.

Our trained technicians utilize state of the art leak locating equipment to pin-point the location of a leak. You must have a valve installed to shut the water off at the house to have this test performed and all stops have to be operable in the house. With our experience and technology, we keep the competitive edge sharp in the industry and often get referrals from other plumbing companies to locate leaks.